As little girls we’re told a lot of things. We’re told we should be skinny, to make ourselves as small as possible. Not to be too loud or make a scene. We’re told girls overreact, girls are crazy, and that girls should do everything they’re told so they don’t look foolish. We’re told a whole lot of bullshit, but the biggest lies have to be those fed to us about love and romance.
The stories we watch and read all tell us exactly what love should be. How it should make us feel. What we should look for. We’re even told exactly what we should want.
And then we grow up.
We find out that it’s not all like the stories we’re told. That we will get absolutely earth shatteringly hurt by someone we trusted. That not everyone will want us the way we need them to. We discover that there is so much we’re not told, and slowly the fairytale falls away… leaving us thinking we are the problem, because it couldn’t possibly be all the shit we’re told about love.
We stop being the romantic little girls and grow into women who feel messy, broken and like failures for not being who we thought we’d be, or having what we thought we should have.
But we’re not. We are not the expectations we put on ourselves. We are not failing for not having someone to fill the void we feel. We’re just human.
This is a blog about being a human. A human who likes to be wanted, who likes sex, who maybe someday will find someone to build a life with… but for now, she’s just a human who wants to have enjoy the time she has, and try to figure out the minefield that is being a single girl in the 21st century. This is a recovering romantic on modern love.