When I started this blog I was in an entirely different head space to the one I am now. Hard to believe that was only a few short months ago. Lately, days have been all it takes for my entire world to change. This is why I find it important to write this blog in hindsight.

Relationships, of every kind, are hard to see clearly while you’re in the middle of them. I believed my ex had every quality I was looking for. It took a long time for me to realise I was projecting these qualities because that’s who I wanted him to be. Rose-coloured glasses and all that.

Now, I’m more careful. I leave time for the dust to settle before I share what I learned. So, while my writing may reflect a time in my life where I refused to settle and kept my heart guarded, I’m now in a place where I’m learning to let people in again. I’m looking for someone to share my life with, despite the angst I had towards this at the beginning of 2017.

Remember that when you read my words. Time changes. People changes. You’re allowed to take everything at your own pace and you’re allowed to change your mind.