new love

Tears stream down my cheek. Not because I’m sad. Because waiting has become unbearable.

I crave you in the smallest ways. To take your face in my hands. To feel your lips with mine. To hear your breathing even out as you fall asleep. To know your morning routine and to hear you call my name across a room.

I don’t need grand romance or a life of adventure, though I know you’ll give me both of those. I just need your hand in mine when it’s hard. I need to feel it firm and hard. To know that you’re real. That will be enough.

Because as unbearable as it becomes, waiting for you is the best thing I’ve ever done.

To the boy who filled my heart with lies,

Because of you I found love,

It just happened to be with someone else.

The Bubble.

I like the bubble I have created with you.

I like the way you make me laugh.

I like the smile on your face when your eyes look into mine.

I like our inside jokes and cute nicknames.

I like the way you kiss my forehead and call me beautiful.

I like how you kiss me, your body against mine.

I like every second I spend simply being with you.

I like that with you, we are the only two people in the world.


But the problem with bubbles is that sometimes they burst.

And I’m utterly terrified of ruining what I have with you.

It scares me most because, somehow, that’s what I always do.


It should scare me. After all I went through. 

To stand here on the docks again. 

The seas were rough before. That was all I knew. 

But watching the boat come closer to shore, my heart races at the thought of being with you. 

It should scare me to take that risk again. 

Even the thought was enough to send me running for the hills before I met you. 

But it doesn’t feel like a risk with you. Not a leap of faith. Or a dive into the unknown. 

It feels like coming home. 

Like seeing the world with you is the only future fate knew. 

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